Org Chart Designer Pro 2

A simpler way to create and publish charts and diagrams.
Made exclusively for Mac.

Now supports Mojave dark mode.

"A straightforward designer that enables you to create or publish charts and network diagrams with just a few clicks and drag and drop actions"


Powerful templates
Professionally designed organization chart and network diagram templates
Groups and layers

Multiple layerings with full layer arrangement and grouping features

Intuitive drag and drop designer

Immediately start creating your first org chart with shapes, lines and labels.
Collaborate and share

Publish by exporting to multiple document formats: PDF, JPG and PNG

Customizable colors and fonts
Design with hundreds of fonts and colors
Quickly add new chart levels

Advanced "Auto Branch Generation", automates process for adding new levels to the chart elements

Technical feature overview
Drag and drop editor
Shapes, textboxes, photos and table grids
Line connectors with customizable patterns, colors and arrows
Image specials effects including shadows, alpha levels and reflections
"Format transfer", allows format duplications onto multiple chart elements
"Saved text collection", allows convenient reuse of text segments
Unlimited chart designs
Professionally designed templates
Optimized for the latest macOS, compatible with macOS 10.9 to 10.14 New in Pro 2
Improved chart architecture with better label and line spacings New in Pro 2
All new file format for better performance and stability New in Pro 2
Color selector with full color spectrum, eye dropper and custom hex code input New in Pro 2
Built-in file converter for compatibility with designs created using edition 1 New in Pro 2
Support for Mojave dark mode New in Pro 2